Need an example?

I mentioned waaaaaaaaay back in my first post that I don’t quite fit in with other parents my age, or parents of kids the same ages of mine. Or with “mommy” blogs.

But then I wondered if people would really “get” what I meant, instead of just rolling their eyes and thinking, “Here we go. Another special snowflake who thinks she’s unique.”

Well, thanks to the clarity and focus that my new AD/HD treatment plan has granted, I thought of a good example to share. Prepare to be dazzled uh, impressed amused!

I follow a fantastic blog called Life With Roozle. Casey Carey-Brown and her wife have a hilarious 4 year old girl named Riley, who is better known as Roozle. I don’t have a 4 year old, so on a basic level, I have no real connection here. But I love Casey’s writing, the way she prioritizes her family, the way she and her wife parent Roozle, all of it. The first post of Casey’s that I read was about how she got saved at Jesus camp. I was a fan from that moment.

I know, I know…I’m telling you all about this awesome blogger, whom you should definitely be following, but still nothing about the promised example.  I’m getting there. CTFO.

Like many people I know, Life With Roozle has an Instagram page. And lately, Casey’s been posting the most adorable photos of Roozle, after she has fallen asleep drawing at night, tagged with “goodnightroozle”. I love these shots, and according to her mom, so does Roozle! (Yeah, she does, so please do not start going off about Roozle’s privacy, and kids on the internet, etc. Just don’t.)

A friend of ours came over for dinner the other night, and we were chatting about those photos, and how sweet they were. I looked at the Professor, my own adorable first born, and said, “Ohmigosh! I could totally replicate those with you!” I wish I had had my camera at that moment to capture the horrified expression on her face. “Mom. That…that’s just creepy. Just…no!”

After I was done laughing my ass off at her response, I realized that it truly does make a great example of how different the perspectives in blogging can be for parents, depending on the age of the children they have.

In conclusion, I will not be posting any photos of my kid at night, tagged with “goodnightprofessor”. But here’s an old one of the Ambassador, just because it really was cute!



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Education professional and mother of three who is just about to have the "5 o'clock somewhere" be HERE.

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  1. I totally agree. We all have different levels of what we’re okay with. This works for us now and may even change. Roozle is only 4. I can’t imagine we’ll be doing this forever! Thanks for the love! You rule!

    • Absolutely. I love reading about her, and you guys, too!

      We have never -ever- been “cutting edge” parents about anything. But we’ve recently discovered that there was one thing in which we were – gender neutral parenting. So hey, you never know. You might be the coolest parenting trend, just earlier than everyone else! =)

  2. That picture is completely adorable..and thanks for the tip on the blog!

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