In transition

So things are changing a bit around here. Not in any sort of bad way – on the contrary. But change is always a bit odd until you grow accustomed to the idea.

I read through other Mommy Blogs and see all of the accomplishments of their kids. “She learned to walk!” (Better break out your own cross trainers!) “He spoke his first word!” (Watch your language. You don’t want his second word to be “F***!”) “She made the soccer team!” (Ah, travel teams…all the money, time, and you still get to sit out in the rain and snow!) “He made the Honor Roll!” (Awesome! Get your checkbook out for Harvard!) I’m really not trying to diminish their happiness in any way; just offering a humorous coin flip to the cheerleading, which I myself have done as well.

My Artist lives about 3 hours away from us right now, but she hasn’t quite “landed” yet. She works  hard, she pays her bills, she enjoys her life, but her current location will most likely not be a long term placement. Her friends will not remain there after they too, graduate, and the siren song of her artistic talent simply doesn’t seem to originate there. She’ll need to find its source and follow it. When she does, we’ll be able to help her move her bed, desk, dresser, etc, out of her bedroom and into her semi-permanent space. The furniture belongs to her, so it will go with her when she finds an apartment/house/condo/treehouse of her own. For now, we’re happy to store it for her, and its there when she comes home for my custodial visits with my grand cat, Jax.

My Ambassador is still in college. He’s got a little while left before he lands somewhere, but like his sisters, he’ll take his stuff when he moves out for good.

Well, ladies and gents, my Professor just landed. She was headhunted for a job she really, really wanted, and beat everyone else out for it. We do not have details yet, but her move to Connecticut is relatively imminent, and her “stuff” with travel with her. I took a bit of my vacation money for this weekend and had way too much fun in the kitchen section of Target and Amazon. Her OCD kicked into overdrive in approximately .097 nanoseconds, and the Excel spreadsheets abound with apartment details, bus routes, placements of parks, gyms, and the ever important book stores.

Our excitement, of course, cannot rival hers, but we are proud of her accomplishments and hell, it makes us look good that we are 2 for 2 so far when it comes to “raising productive, responsible members of society”. But it will be very weird for us to have one of our kids actually living 9.5 hours away from us. This move will be so good for her; please do not by any means think that I’m one of those people who sobs at the idea of her baby leaving the nest or whatever that bullshit is. Dog no. I’m glad that my desire to instill a sense of adventure and exploration and independence in my kids has flourished. In all of her job applications, not a single one was in our home state. She wanted to go see “somewhere else”, and see it she will.

It’ll be a beautiful area for us to visit, as we’ve never been there. She will have easy access to big cities and the beach. If anything does go Seriously Wrong, the Trainer can be there very quickly until I can get there. Her winter will be a whole new ballgame for her, as she’s used to much more mild temperatures. And hooo doggies, she can have that crap. But it will make her happy, which is always our goal.

It’s quarter to five. And now, I’m one step closer to that “empty nest” people keep talking about. I’m one step closer to being alone with the Scientist in our life – something that not only hasn’t occurred in 22.5 years, but only occurred for the first 10 months that we lived together. I’m not entirely convinced we can make that work, but it will be an interesting adventure to try.

As for the Kellions? They are one step closer to their Next Step. And I can’t wait to watch it happen.



About Quarterto5

Education professional and mother of three who is just about to have the "5 o'clock somewhere" be HERE.

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