My Daughter Is Getting Married!

2849104135_8d3b821220_zOK, so she isn’t getting married any time soon. Or maybe even at all. But the point is that, thanks to the Supreme Court ruling, she can marry in any state she wants.

How will this affect you?

Well, unfortunately, chances are you won’t be invited. My kids tend to be very much in favor of small, intimate gatherings rather than looking at their partner in confusion, trying to figure out who just wished them happiness in the receiving line.

So you’ll miss the way the beauty of her face, and the gentleness in her eyes makes me weep.

You won’t see her in her dress – that stunning dress – with her riotous curls defiantly straying from whatever hair style she chose for the day.

You’ll miss The Artist, her maid of honor, slipping her sips from the flask they think I don’t see in order to chill her out a bit.

You won’t see The Ambassador, her best man, making her laugh by pulling quotes from their past, and being goofy.

You won’t see The Scientist beaming with pride as he tries (and fails) not to cry when he walks with her down the aisle.

You won’t hear the music played by The Musician, whom I’ll drag in from Denver, as she walks with her father.

The look on her partner’s face, that one we all covet, as she sees her bride, will be lost for you.

You will be absent from the photographs taken by my sister The Photographer, who has flown in from Kansas City.

You’ll miss the food, which will be delicious. Having been raised by me, my kids love good cuisine.

And the dessert! The Professor isn’t a fan of cake, but girlfriend has great taste in other sweets. She’ll have chocolate truffles for sure. I’m sorry you won’t get to sample those!

You won’t double over in laughter as all 3 kids hit the dance floor to do the Cupid Shuffle and other choreographed hilarity.

The love in the air, the laughter of shared jokes, the rockin’ 80s tunes won’t even hit your radar.

Why not?

Why should they?

This marriage will not have any impact on your life. This love, this commitment, this joy, will not enrich you as it does us. None of this will make you tear up with pride, or snicker in amusement, or even roll your eyes with the cheesy jokes we play.

This union is, quite simply, none of your business unless you are one of the few invited to be a part of it.

So please don’t crow to me about how any love between consenting adults will destroy anything, unless it’s hate. Because with each step down each aisle that each person takes in love, we win a little more of the battle against that hate.

And make no mistake: we will win.


About Quarterto5

Education professional and mother of three who is just about to have the "5 o'clock somewhere" be HERE.

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